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A black and white photograph of a group of teenage girls, all different ethnicities but mostly hispanic, stand proudly on a stage. They wear two large flowers in their hair, long earrings, white mock-neck bodysuits and long, ruffled flamenco skirts over flamenco shoes.

Welcome to Yolanda's Academy

Elite Dance in Northern New Jersey

Here at Yolanda's, we have been inspiring students through world-class instruction, positivity, and inclusivity for 50 years. 


We are devoted to bringing professionalism and excellence in our classes, faculty, administration, and performances.

All of our staff have been highly trained, and hold both University and certification degrees in dance and music. In addition to this, they have also been performers themselves, on international and national television, film, commercials, print and theater.

We pride ourselves in providing the children in our community with a place to learn, develop, and express their love for dance. 

Young girls in yellow and pink dresses wearing sunglasses pose on a lit stage.
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