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Classes at Yolanda's Academy

Inspiring the Love of Dance

Welcome to a world where movement is art and passion knows no bounds! Our dancers will learn a variety of styles from compassionate faculty who foster a love for the arts. Create a strong dance foundation by learning the fundamentals in a fun and positive environment. From tiny twirlers to budding ballerinas, we nurture young spirits, ignite imaginations, and foster a love for movement that lasts a lifetime. 


Ballet offers a strong foundation for many technical dance forms, and is a requirement for all students. Structured around classical Ballet training, these classes require a strong focus on Ballet technique. Exercises will build strength, flexibility, proper alignment, balance and coordination. Musicality and artistic expression will also be encouraged. Once old enough, a dancer will add Pointe to their Ballet training. 



Jazz dance: where rhythm meets soul and every movement is a celebration! Jazz is a high-energy dance style that combines elements of classical Ballet and Modern dance. Classes focus on body isolations, rhythmic accuracy, and sequential memorization, as well as building muscular strength and improving flexibility.


Tap is a timeless dance form that requires the dancer to create rhythms with the metal Taps on his/her heels and toes. Classes focus on creating rhythms through percussive movement of one’s own body, particularly the feet. Proper Tap technique will be taught as well as rhythms, coordination, music theory, and musicality.

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Modern / Contemporary / Lyrical

Modern dance is a younger art form than Ballet, and the movement style centers on the dancer's own interpretations instead of the standardized movements and structured steps of classical or traditional Ballet. However, Modern dance does use many of the classical vocabulary and terminology. Modern dancers will learn to move with intention, emotion and authenticity.

A fusion of classical Ballet, Modern, and Jazz
technique, Contemporary relies on a strong foundation in Modern and Ballet. It focuses on spacial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, turns, efficiency of muscle usage, and safe body alignment. Improvisation and personal interpretation of the movement are also highly encouraged.

Lyrical is a combination of a variety of dance styles such as Jazz, Modern, and a strong emphasis on Classical Ballet. It focuses on interpreting music and lyrics through emotional expression while combining the technical elements of these dance forms. 

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a dynamic fusion of rhythm, attitude and self-expression that pulses with raw energy and tight coordination. Set to popular Hip Hop music, students will learn body isolations, foundational skills, musicality, and sequential memorization of movement, all in a vibrant and fun atmosphere.



Flamenco is a culturally significant and beautiful form of dance that is celebrated at our school. The movements require foot and arm coordination, and a level of grace that is not seen typically outside of this genre. Originating from the Andalusian region of Spain, it weaves together influences from Romani, Moorish, and Spanish cultures, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound and movement. Flamenco heels and castanets are used to create additional rhythmic patterns with the music.


Acrobatics: where gravity becomes a mere suggestion and the human body defies limits! Acrobatics class works on a blend of strength, agility, flexibility, tumbling, contortion, athleticism and precision. This class places a strong emphasis on safety and listening skills. The skills learned in this class are often used in other dance disciplines as well.

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Image by Dane Wetton

Stretch & Conditioning

This class focuses on improving the technical elements and artistry of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. It is a great addition for a dancer that wants to improve their skills and technique in each style. Students will focus on strengthening their muscles, refining their flexibility, and building endurance. 

*There is no recital routine associated with this class.

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