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Our Mission and Core Values


The YAMD Mission

Since 1974, our mission has been to fiercely promote a life-long passion for dance through an unwavering commitment to high quality education, training and performance excellence.

Our Core Values

We are driven by our PASSION for DANCE and its power and potential to cause significant and lasting personal growth. We strive to spark the same excitement in our students, instilling a lifelong love affair with the art and practice of DANCE. 

Our purpose, through DANCE, is to enrich the lives of our dancers, teach and inspire them, who in turn inspire our DANCE educators to reach new levels of excellence.

We EARN the TRUST of our dancers by building and cultivating meaningful relationships and behaving with integrity, strong ethics, and with the best interest of all of our dance family.

An unwavering and fierce pursuit of EXCELLENCE in every single aspect of our DANCE studio, from the caliber of our instructors and educators to the quality of our classes and performances. We pursue continuous growth and improvement and seek to provide the highest quality DANCE education possible.

Having FUN and JOYFUL LEARNING. We have deliberately chosen this profession because we absolutely love it! We sprinkle our classes with joy, fun and a sense of playfulness. We have seen over the course of fifty years of DANCE education that a positive and enjoyable DANCE learning experience, along with a knowledge and dedicated staff results in motivated and committed DANCERS.

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